Why do I make such a statement ? Well, anyone who thinks that Iran needs nukes to gain “respect” in the world. Is a moron. Wanna know where those nukes are going to be set off at ?? One place, somewhere in the USA. The other, Israel. Iminneedofastraightjacket has sworn to wipe them off the map.

But for the real reason ronpaul is not worthy of becoming President of The United States is, he is in favor of legalizing heroin. A drug SO addictive that in less than twenty years it was no longer used by Doctors.

Heroin, in pharmacological studies, proved to be more effective than morphine or codeine. The Bayer Company started the production of heroin in 1898 on a commercial scale. The first clinical results were so promising that heroin was considered a wonder drug. Indeed, heroin was more effective than codeine in respiratory diseases. It has turned out, however, that repeated administration of heroin results in the development of tolerance and the patients become heroin-addicts soon. In the early 1910s morphine addicts “discovered” the euphorising properties of heroin and this effect was enhanced by intravenous administration.

Isn’t ronpaul a “doctor” ?? In what ?? Stupid ??

Heroin became a narcotic drug and its abuse began to spread quickly. Restrictions on its production, use and distribution were regulated by international treaties. The total ban on heroin production was also proposed. As a result of the strict regulations the production and consumption of heroin showed a significant decrease after 1931. At the same time the underworld recognized the shortage of heroin and started the illicit production and trafficking. The quantity of heroin seized by law enforcement agencies in the past decades rose gradually. As an indicator of the worldwide heroin market, the quantity of confiscated heroin underwent a tenfold increase since 1970. The paper surveys the most important heroin-producing and trafficking countries.

Let’s look at who produces the most heroin, shall we ??
The CIA World Factbook. And a Google search. Wow, and they also back him.

Once again, the medidiots tell you who to vote for…….