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Today, ten years after the worst terror attack in US history, there are a whole bunch of other blogs with better writing, doing the same thing I am. In a way.

Today I’m not filled with solemn words, extolling you to “Never Forget”. I’m filled with a hatred that goes to the very marrow of my soul. A hatred that burns. A hatred that I am barely in control of. Why?

This past week, we’ve had jimmy hoffa jr, calling for war on non-union members. Then in less than three days union thugs attack and take hostages.

Yesterday, in a bus station in Springfield MO, a “misunderstander” went off into what’s called SJS (Sudden Jihadi Syndrome), shooting a fellow passenger dead.

And today, of all days, in the former Great Britain, two EDL members (English Defence League), were stabbed by some of the mohumadeens. While said terrorist’s , the mo’s, were engaged in burning American flags and shouting that islam will rule the world.

While at Ground Zero (fuck you bloomburg), we have the “truthers” aka “Ron Pauls voting base”, chanting that 9/11 was “an inside job”.

In this ten year span, I have walked a long hard road out of a very real hell. I cannot watch any of the shows looking back on the horror of that day. Because the hurt is still very real and open to me. Too raw for me to look upon.

And this is why today I am filled with so much hate. Those who did this to my country, I want you dead, by any means possible. Those whom “worship” the same false “god”, I want you dead. And to the stupid fuckers showing their asses on this day, I want you dead. Those “protesting” at Ground Zero (FYB, to the union thugs, attacking those whom are not in a union, I want you dead.

I don’t want to hear anyone bitching that they to have the “right” to protest, when you take a day like today and try to turn it into a ME! ME! ME! moment, you have overstepped the bounds of polite society.

No longer will I engage those types with a smile on my face, they will see the open contempt, the hatred, that I feel for them. And the minute one tries to do me or mine any harm, I will kill them. And I will not feel any guilt about it.