While I was thinking of posting on the “hurricane that wasn’t”, this little gem popped out.

At a protest sing-along against Governor Scott Walker at the Wisconsin Capitol on Friday, a member of the Red & Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) held up a huge banner saying “Class War” and then delivered a message to someone filming the event: “All you f**king Tea Party Baggers, It’s coming, get ready.”

If your fucking shitty singing is warfare, OK, I give. Honestly I think that it is banned under the Geneva Conventions….

Anarchists talking about anarchy may not be surprising. But considering RAAN’s history, maybe it should be. What is RAAN? MRC describes it as a group with “a history of street protests and union pickets which turn violent.” In fact, a website that appears to belong to the group even boasts a timeline of confrontation with authorities and violence against political parties and banks:

Hmm, wonder if they are the same assholes who do the G-whatever summits?? Also I wonder if they had a hand in the shooting of that guy in Ohio????

Aww loookie, they’ve even got a website.

Story from The Blaze.

With video at MRCTV.

And more at Moonbattracker.

All I can say is this, what good is that Molotov Cocktail going to do you at 300 meters ?? Huh asshole??
Fucking Morons.

Edit, while surfing the web, I ran into some more tidbits of the like.
From the Conservative Hideout 2.0 Death Threats, and “civil discourse”.

Once again, I am armed. I WILL shoot you. And I will not lose one minute of sleep over it. The time for smiling at those whom want to kill you is past.