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Over at Forbes,

Rick Perry: Middle Income Americans Don’t Pay Enough Income Taxes

What the fuck ?? I pay taxes not only on my income, that’s all of the shit taken out of my check, I also pay taxes on EVERYTHING I buy. City, county, state, and federal. Is that not enough?
You know what, I’m too tired to really get in to ripping him. Here’s the link.
I will also say this, 146 years of two party bullshit, has brought America to this point. All of you morons who think that ANY of the republicans are going to do any different than what the party has done before, are beyond clueless. So baa your fucking way to the polls and vote as you have done before. Hooting and hollering that “Only _________ can SAVE America !!!!”.
I will vote as I have always done, Independent. The evil “third party”, the one that you fuckwits are always crying that “If you vote for a third party, you really vote for __________”. No stupid, my vote went where I wanted it to go. Not where YOU want it to go. See it’s MY vote. It that simple enough for you?

If you are offended by my honesty, GOOD.