• They have created a fourth branch of government (Administrative Agencies) that is independent of, and not subject to the will of the People;
• Their courts have refused to rule upon the Constitutionality of matters before them;
• They have imposed taxes that appropriate fully one-third of the value of one’s earnings;
• They have generated a debt obligation on our posterity, still unborn, into th…e unforeseeable future;
• They have seduced millions of their people into dependence upon that government, at the expense of their neighbors;
• They have secured for themselves benefit packages approaching those realized by members of Royal courts;
• They have allowed the appointment of officials in capacities not recognized by the Constitution, barred from recourse by the People;
• They have established control over State and local governments by funding and obligations associated therewith;
• They have supported the creation of a standing army amounting to over one million officers who have both civil and military authority given them by the government;
• They have expanded the standing army by granting policing powers to many agencies of government who have no need to be armed and authorized to use those arms;
• The have provided undue immunity and impunity to those who have been given such powers;
• They have enacted laws that have effectively limit the selection of government office holders from two primary parties.

• They have endeavored to create an empire around the world, which serves not the People of this nation;
• They have waged war without a proper deceleration of war stating who the enemy is and what event will conclude those wars;
• They have enacted laws well outside of any police powers anticipated by the Framers of the Constitution;
• They have subjected States to arbitrary control of the federal government contrary to the guaranteed form of Republican Government within the States;
• They have allowed the use of fiat currency, contrary to the Constitution, and have continued this practice under the guise of a national emergency, which has existed for
over 80 years;
• They have allowed favored financial institutions to loan money that does not exist to the people, at usurious rates;
• They have loosened the immigration laws that have served this country well through its history, and refuse, now, to enforce those laws that had been enacted to protect
our nation from invasion;
• They have taken States of the Union to court for the State enforcing laws that the federal government refuses to enforce;
• They have extended their jurisdiction over the jurisdiction of the States, nullifying the State’s right to a Republican Form of Government;
• They have assumed jurisdiction in foreign lands, enforced by kidnapping, torture and assassination;
• They have suppressed traditions held dear, for centuries, in this nation;
• They have removed the rights of traditional churches and have granted rights to churches foreign to our heritage;
• They have assumed authority not granted by the Constitution;
• They have denied the States and the People rights guaranteed and protected by the Bill of Rights;
• They have refused to abide by the “Separation of Powers” doctrine by allowing members of the judicial branches of government to hold office in the legislative and
executive branches of government;
• They have granted to fictitious entities (corporations, associations, unions and other organizations) rights that are recognized to be granted by the Creator
only to the people, in their individual capacity;
• They have formed alliances with foreign nations which are objectionable to the intent of the Constitution, and grant favors to foreign interests over the interest of
the People;
• They have accused large groups of our population, including veterans who have fought for the country, of being a source of threat to that government, naming them as

Nor, have we been deficient in informing the government of their failure to acknowledge their obligations under the Constitution.
Campaigns, letters, phone calls, and demonstrations have been ignored by the government, and those who have voiced objection have been slandered by representatives of the government.
A government that has become so inured to its belief in its own supremacy so as not to recognize their obligation to respond, with truthful answers, to the question posed by large numbers of People, proves a distain for those governed by that government.
We have appealed to their magnanimity and, in return, have been chastised as incompetent and called names indicative of their supposed superiority. They have been deaf to the voice of the People and of Justice.

For these reasons, we have found that this government has dissolved itself, and, our allegiance thereto, and forced us into a state of nature, until such time as the Constitution is restored as the Supreme Law of the Land.
Freedom is Granted by the Creator and not the Government and Freedom was never Free but has been paid for in Blood and Honor.

Written by someone whom would rather not be named.