Imagine, all you want is for YOUR government to act like they know what “living within your means” really is. According to the DHS, and other alphabet soup fed assholes, we are, terrorists.
Now this “smart” liberal, (editors note WTF ???)is calling for military action against the Tea Party and it’s supporters. Yeah, you read that right, she is calling for us to basically be shot down as if we are in an active shooting revolt against the government. Ain’t that some love there ??
How long will we allow this rhetoric to continue while we are setting there and taking it?? But, Lobo, when we speak up we are labeled…… and that bothers you? So much that you won’t speak up ?? So much that you’ll sit on your ass and when action is taken (such as your rights being taken from you) you’ll sit and do nothing. As you are already doing.
I’m not going to set on my ass and do nothing. I am going to a Town Meeting set-up by like minded people so we can decide on what WE need to fix, and how WE are going to do that.

Here’s the link to the Examiner , but, it’s link to the story takes you to another screed about how we are racist……….