Ok, for several years, I have been commenting at a website of like minded people. We’ve joked together, laughed, cried, and bitched at one another. Now one of the admins has decided to “up the ante”, he had outed one of the posters, and had gotten his hand slapped. Today he went all in, telling any and all on the site that he, instead of just making statements from behind a keyboard, could “have a pizza sent to your home”.And admits that he has actually sent pizzas to people whom as he said “thought that they could mess with me anonymously”. That honestly scares me. A person in a position of some authority on a site would be so petty as to make a “joke” as he called it, like that. It is wrong.
I’ll say it here, I am the only one who is an admin here. I will not use your IP addy to pull some shit stunt like that. I will not use your Given name (that be the one your parents hung on you), just your screen name. Unlike some people I understand the concepts of trust and honor.
Oh, and he also got his panties in a wad about my post “Thoughts”, saying that I am dangerous an need to be watched. That post is a direct reply to those on the left, whom have called for no less than “put all of them on trains and ship them to camps.” Said hollyweird actress was also fired from a movie for making “anti-semitic” comments. I am just returning the love shown to me and those like me.