This came to me as I was watering the yard. I was talking out loud, shut up you do it too, and I said “Lord, we need some rain. If not for the crops, how about for the water levels.” Then it hit me. If these atheist’s think that there is no Higher Power, God, or whatever. They say that they are the higher power. Ok, then whomever the hell you are, make it fucking rain. What you can’t ??? Really ?? Hmmmmmm. Guess what stupid, YOU are not the higher power. But, but, but, you sputter I cannot control the weather. That’s science, climate…… Duh fucknugget, it’s something stronger than you. It’s a Higher Power. So your bullshit non-belief system is just that. Bullshit. You can’t control the weather, the guy next to you in the check-out, the idiot on the cell phone in the next lane. But, that’s “karma”, uhhh, “karma” is a belief system. That is something stronger than you. Morons.