I haven’t really done any thing here in the past week. After all, I like everyone else in America am getting fed up with the bullshit coming out of DC. pResident “I’ve got no plan, and it’s your fault.”, well that sums it up…….
For this one we head to the other left coast, no not the peoples republik of kalifornia, oregon.
In this jewel, we have an ILLEGAL who gave birth, whom if you listen to her and her cousin, were in oregon at the time. Maybe, maybe not. But according to an oregon court, that’s all she needs to get her ILLEGAL spawn a birth certificate. What the hell ??? Get this, her and her cousin are BOTH ILLEGAL. Now, in a “normal” world (one where people follow the law) her and her family would be deported back to messico. But in this world, where up is down, black is white, and the pResident blames everyone else for not handing him the credit card and letting him raise taxes and spend it all… she is given by the judge a pass to break the law. After all, can’t deport a future democrap voter. Here’s the link.

People, I am tired. I am tired of obeying the law, just to have others break it and get away with it. And I’ll say it, just because of the fucking color of their skin. Because they don’t habla fucking englas. So spew the leftardian battle cry “waaaaacist” at me. I no longer care what you on the left have to say.