After getting no sleep, spending most of the day at the DPS, (ASSHOLES)I think that I can come home and relax. Nope. First I find out that he American and French embassies have been attacked and overran. Holy shit. An OVERT act of war.

Clinton said there was a “laundry list of actions” for which the Assad government should be held accountable. She also condemned the attacks on the U.S. and French embassies while demanding that Syria uphold its international treaty obligations to protect foreign diplomatic missions.

Earlier, the department summoned a senior Syrian diplomat to register the U.S. complaints in person and said it would seek compensation for damage caused when a mob of what it described as about 300 “thugs” breached the wall of the embassy compound before being dispersed by U.S. Marine guards.

The only thing missing is the STRONGLY worded letter of condemnation from the UN. Meanwhile in DC, the band played on……

Speaking of DC, ear leader says, “We’re not going to talk about raising taxes, while we’re talking about raising taxes.” Honestly, I don’t have the energy to hunt the links.

More fucking asshattery from ears, in response to the shooting of Giffords, and six others who died, he thinks we need to tighten gun laws. How? By passing a law. Nope. That won’t work. He plans on bypassing Congress, and the Constitution, by royal decree. Word is that if you buy from a FFL dealer you’ll be OK. But try to buy your Uncle Bob’s shotgun, you just became a federal felon. Like those apples????

Now, for the damnedest shit I have ever seen. How about NOT PAYING THOSE WHO DEFEND YOUR FREEDOM ????? Yeah, you read that right. What the fuck?

Military personnel and exempt Defense Department civilian employees are required to continue working without pay during a government shutdown, according to guidance from the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

In a memo prepared earlier this month, Defense officials noted that service members and some civilian workers, including those involved in national security and the protection of life and property, still must report for duty but will not be paid until Congress appropriates funds to reimburse them for that period of service. All other employees will be furloughed, the memo stated.

Military personnel are not subject to furlough.

I know that they don’t do it for the pay. They do it because they love this country. The problem is, way to many of our service personnel are under paid, and on welfare. Nice.
Hey, fucknugget, are you trying to start a civil war? When it comes down to the love of country, or feeding your family, I know which way I would go.

And, for the last. Gunrunner, Fast & Furious, Operation Castaway. Three names for the same thing. Selling guns to narco gangs. MS-13, Los Zetas, and only the ATF knows who else. Two American LEO’s are dead because of this. An untold number of civilians in America, Mexico, and Central America. Murdered under ear leaders rule.

A note on the civil war line. I’m not saying we need one. I am just looking at what might happen if the Armed Forces decide that they have to feed their families and ears declares martial law. UH, who will enforce the law??? Will he call out his “civilian defense force”?? Lemme see who those are. Oh, I already know. The narco’s he’s armed, and the “flash mobs” who are looting wherever they are. Yeah, nice, um, rabble you got there. Good luck with that.



Now he’s threatening to not pay SS. I can pay you unless I raise your taxes.