Yeah, you read that right. An illegal “immigrant” raped and killed a 16 year old girl in San Antonio. And pResident jugears say’s that we can’t kill him, it would be “a breach of international legal obligations.” Oh, horse shit. When in the hell have you gave a damn about how America looked in the eyes of the world ?? You’ve snubbed our allies, bowed to “leaders”…and generally made America look like the turd-world shitholes you grew-up in.
For the kicker, the UN (Useless Nitwits) are telling us not to kill him. Why?? “It would be an arbitrary deprivation of life.” Uh, did the young lady get a trial? Was she judged by a jury of her peers ?? NO. FUCK THAT ON A STICK.
Ears, fuck you. Americans are being killed every day by these scum. They brazenly cross our border, in military trucks. They shoot across the border. And we are expected to treat them like they have the same rights as us??? Fuck you. Not on my watch.

Edit: He’s dead Jim.